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The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ updates, Google Base, MySQL 5, educated consumers, OpenDocument, the free Oracle database and the launch of live versions of Microsoft Windows and Office.

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Comment by Orkie
2005-11-03 15:12:13

I don’t suppose you could speak a little clearer when you say the bit about at the end? It took me about 6 Podcasts to work out what you are saying (I’m not really used to a very strong American accent – that probably sounds quite silly as I assume there are many accents in America but I hear them all as one) and I suspect other people may have similar difficulties. I don’t expect you to change your accent though :D

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Comment by rehcla
2005-11-03 15:57:54

Hey man!
I am from Austria, English is my second language and i do not have any problems to understand jeremy!
All I wish are more and longer podcasts…
Great work, jeremy

Comment by Orkie
2005-11-04 16:34:19

English is my first language but that doesn’t change the fact that it is hard to understand him sometimes. It is by no means a major criticism but something that I noticed and he did ask for feedback…

Comment by jeremy
2005-11-04 17:29:10

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to annunciate a bit better if people are having a hard time understanding me (or is the problem speed, something else, or just the American accent).


Comment by Orkie
2005-11-05 05:47:16

You do tend to trail off at the end of sentences but I can normally understand what you are saying there but that bit, I’m not entirely certain what makes it hard to understand, it could be a bit of accent and a bit of the speed with which you say it.

Comment by jeremy
2005-11-05 13:42:02

FWIW, the podcastalley bit was a request to vote for the LQ podcast if you like it. You can do so here. Voting starts fresh every month. Thanks.


Comment by Pascal Klein
2005-11-05 22:14:59

I’ve got no problems, only two requests/suggestions: a) longer podcasts, b) more frequent podcasts – because they are a great pleasure to listen to. Great work Jeremy, keep it up.


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Comment by rehcla
2005-11-08 07:51:41

I agree complete:)
A good thing would be if the podcasts are avaible as OGG…

Comment by jeremy
2005-11-08 12:32:14

All LQ Radio content is available in OGG format. Simply replace .mp3 with .ogg in any filename.


Comment by joe xyz
2005-11-08 12:30:10

I’am finaly free of the Os Xp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fedora core 4 is Up and flying on my 1.6Gh P4.
Thanks to LQ Group.

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Comment by Eugene
2005-12-10 16:29:24

Great podcast. Keep’em going!

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