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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

The latest Podcast. Topics include the 2007 Members Choice Award winners, LQ is sponsoring LugRadio Live USA 2008 and the MySQL Conference and Expo, Sun and Open Source, Microsoft makes strategic changes in technology and business practices to expand interoperability and SCO plans rebound thanks to $100M lifeline.



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LQ Radio Interview – Gareth and Orv from SCALE 6X

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

The LQ Radio Interview series continues. In this edition we have Orv Beach, Public Relations Committee Chair, and Gareth Greenaway, Operations Committee and Community Relations Chair, from SCALE – the Southern California Area Linux Expo. We discuss a variety of topics including the history and growth of SCALE, the rise of community/regional Linux expos, Linux and Open Source related news (including the Asus EEE PC and the Sun MySQL acquisition) and more. If you’re planning on attending SCALE and haven’t signed up yet, use the promo code “cast” to receive a 40% discount.