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The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ Wiki, LQ ISO, Google paying for Firefox installs, Novell standardizing on GNOME, The Suse founder resigns, Microsoft says Open Source is “not that open”, the Linux kernel and a stable ABI, and the Microsoft Bill Gates birthday memo.



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Comment by Leslie Satenstein
2005-11-15 21:22:48

Enjoyed the contents of the broadcast. It could use some embellishment. For example, some theme music on startup, a list of topics to be discussed, and then into it. In future broadcasts, an interview or two would be nice too.
And finally, on signing off, a little theme music.

You can use a tape recorder and whatever to do merge the music in with the discussions.


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Comment by viniosity
2005-11-16 12:32:18

On the other hand, I think all that stuff detracts from the podcast. Just give me the content.. The list of topics as posted here are sufficient but it couldn’t hurt to rehash them in the broadcast for those who are using ipodder or some other auto-podcast d/l system.

Comment by Orkie
2005-11-18 12:41:55

Doesn’t it have ‘theme music’ already? It plays some music at the start.

Comment by Storm16
2005-11-18 14:03:14

I have only recently started listening to podcasts in general and LQ Radio in particular. You all are doing a great job. I enjoy the embellishments, as long as they don’t cut too deeply into the content. The panel seems to be developing the camaraderie they mentioned was lacking on the first show.

One suggestion, and I am the first to admit that it will be a bit dicey to pull off, would be either a howto segment or a question and answer session. The problem is that unlike, say, The Linux Users Show, which is geared toward Linux newbies, the LQ podcast seems to want to attract a more broad listenership, from newbie to power user (I have been using Linux for almost 11 years, so I consider myself in the latter category). That said, there are gaps in my (and probably most power users’) knowledge. For instance, I have been a sysadmin and security engineer for most of my Unix/Linux career, so while I have supported developers, but never been one myself. I’ve obviously shell scripted, but never heavy-duty C or C++ coding. I would like to hear howtos on, for example, unusual uses for common software…For instance, I am looking at the feasability of and working on setting up subversion to do network backups. Things like this, down to the more mundane (like security) would be interesting.

The other thing that might be interesting would be to, maybe, have the moderators select questions from the LQ site and cover their own best approaches to the problem.

Keep up the good work, guys…You have a good thing in its infancy.


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