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The latest Podcast. Topics include a few LQ updates, a Flash9 on Linux update, FairUse4WM strips Windows Media DRM, Google Apps for Your Domain, Eric Schmidt joins the Apple board of Directors and 10 common misunderstandings about the GPL.



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Comment by Antonio
2006-09-01 06:55:29

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your Podcasts, i like them a lot.
I am not a very knowlegeable person on the Linux matters, although i do buy LF and sometimes others as i like to read them and get familiar with what is going on, on these matters.
Your cats are so great to me because i can be just doing stuff and listening to someone like you talking about it… which is great.
Even for me, being a not so technical as you guys, it’s great… in fact absolutely Great…lol
It is a real shame not having more linux people around me as sometimes when i want to solve some problem, it all takes so much time…and with work, college, girlfriend, music, etc etc, time is so precious that it ends up being so much simpler just doing it in Windows. Even going to the forums, sometimes you get people that have no patience at all for newbies… which is what i still consider myself to be…it’s all a question of degree isn’t it… :)
OK Jeremy, love your Podcasts and plese continue with them…it’s always a pleasure to listen to them, and if sometimes you are talking about something that completely goes over my head, i still love it, because next time i will be a touch more familiar with it… that’s my excuse anyway…lol
All the best to you and thanks again.


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Comment by Nick
2006-09-08 00:02:09

The link to tricking Firefox into believing Flash 9 is installed is

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Comment by jeremy
2006-09-08 16:35:46

Thanks Nick.


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