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The latest Podcast. Topics include how to help LQ, your first web server, Linux/UNIX vs. Windows vulnerabilities, the Google Pack, the almost Sun/Apple merger and the use of Linux at NASA.



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Comment by Randy
2006-01-14 23:34:00

I’m unable to connect to your Podcasts, is there a problem with the server?


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Comment by jeremy
2006-01-15 11:50:35

I don’t see any problems – are you getting an error message?


Comment by Pascal Klein
2006-01-15 05:19:32

It is working for me:

=> `LQ-Podcast-011206.mp3′
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 4,905,132 (4.7M) [audio/mpeg]

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Comment by dysfirkin
2006-01-15 19:24:13

Google Pack. Isn a great idea. One of the most difficult things for windows users is to find software and install it. By tying themselves to products like ad aware and norton, google is positioning themselves as a basic software repository for windows users. I think an apt or synaptic like product could be a big winner for windows users, and could be a revenue earner if it provided simple, one click installation of essential software and security updates and bug fixes not provided by M$.

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Comment by carl0ski
2006-01-16 00:54:15

Google Pack i have found a great piece of software for non Computer orientated minds.

Adaware, Norton, Firefox, etc can be installed and updated in one central location.

In reality Google Pack is the Windows Update
for essential 3rd party tools.

Or can be compared to
RPMDrake or Yast2
install and update software in one location.

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Comment by Russell Telfer
2006-01-16 09:57:29

First time connected to a podcast. Just to let you know.
I’m planning to get involved with Wiki and will contibute what I can.

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Comment by jeremy
2006-01-16 11:32:11

Thanks Russell.


Comment by deoren
2006-01-19 14:20:52

Great podcast as always! I for one appreciate the straight forward presentation of topics and the language you use (clean) which allows me to play it where ever I may be.

Keep up the great work!

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