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The latest Podcast (and the first one of 2006). Topics include the LQ code upgrade, LQ infrastructure upgrades, the top challenges for Microsoft in 2006, Dell preinstalling Firefox in the UK, the Dell Blu-ray backing and how BusinessWeek thinks Open Source did in 2005.


Linux, Open Source, Dell, Firefox, Microsoft, Blu-ray

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Comment by Neil
2006-01-03 17:09:59

First off, as nice as it would be to have linux preinstalled from dell, will not happen if things don’t change. preinstalling more browsers is one thing, but a different operating system is another thing. The reason for this is that linux can be fully installed for free and there is nobody willing to pay to have their app preinstalled (for example my new dell laptop came with a LOT of additional apps such as musicmatch), having these demos preinstalled drops the price more than the cost of microsoft xp+word. on a personal note, i don’t mind uninstalling them myself for the money i save.
one quick comment on the podcast: you seem to get most of your content from your blog posts so I would like to see it replced at large by LqRadio and blog followups that assume that the people also read your blog.

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Comment by jeremy
2006-01-04 17:16:03

Neil, The content in the podcast and the blog will be diverging a bit moving forward.


Comment by Rob mitchell
2006-01-04 00:36:41

As much as I really appreciate some of my fellow Americans for using three of the four possible pronunciations of the vowel “u” when saying “Ubuntu” (which some of the folks I know say as you-bun-too, in Bantu and Zhosa the vowel “u” is always prounouced “oo”, about halfway between the “oo” in “too” and the “oo” in “book”. On the show you guys are faring better, usually saying oo-bun-too, but try oo-boon-too.
Feel free to check a linguistic wiki article from some non-techies.
The show is great, BTW. Just thought I’d bring up this little quibble.

Keep up the good work!
The Bald Guy in TN

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Comment by Tony Freeman
2006-01-05 00:17:12


This is in response to your request for comments about website ease of use. I suggest that it would be really great if you made it easier to access the ogg files. Another suggestion would be to provide an ogg rss feed. And just like you do for the mp3 file, place a link to the ogg right beside it when posting.

Only 3 percent of internet users take advantage of podcasting or even rss feeds for anything. I suggest that before that percentage goes up to 4 percent, they whould know about ogg. Your support in making the ogg options easier to get to on this site could possibly help convince developers and hardware folks to think twice about not providing ogg support.

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Comment by james mullen
2006-01-10 10:12:24

I am pleased to see all the info you share with others. It would also be nice to see a “Buyers Beware” listing . You pay and wait for nothing…..

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Comment by James
2006-02-23 20:31:09

A real professional podcast! Nice to hear the backend of and heartening to hear how it has come so big. First heard of LQ in January 2003

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