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Site Clarification

I’ve received a few questions about the content here at the LQ Radio site, so I figured I’d take a couple minutes to clarify. The LQ Radio site will be the home to three distinct things:

1) The LQ Radio Show
2) LQ Radio Interviews
3) The Podcast

#1 and #2 will be posted to the “LQ Radio” category and the Podcast will go in the “LQ Podcast” category. It should also be noted that there are three different RSS feeds. One for the LQ Radio category, one of the Podcasts and one that includes both. Why three different RSS feeds? The Podcasts tend to be short, usually between 5-10 minutes while LQ radio content will be more like 45-90 minutes. This means much larger files in the LQ Radio feed. If you would simply like to get all content posted to this site, the combined feed is what you are looking for. If anyone has any questions, let me know.

A couple other quick updates. The first LQ Radio show should be available tomorrow if everything goes according to plan – stay tuned. Also, when we first started doing the LQ Podcasts, we really weren’t sure how things would work out. With the Podcasts now being regular and LQ Radio coming into the picture, we are dedicated to making this site and the audio content, the best it can be. We will slowly be doing equipment upgrades in the coming weeks and months so please bear with us. The next upgrade will be to a new mic, probably a Shure SM7b. One thing we need to improve is your feedback, so keep it coming. Thanks again for listening.