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The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ Radio updates, LQ Wiki and LQ ISO updates, Gates vs. Google, competing with Microsoft, MSFT funded benchmarks, Dell and his $100 Million RHAT investment and an review.



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Comment by tonyfreeman
2005-05-11 19:56:49

Link to OGG File: LQ-Podcast-051105.ogg

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Comment by wine
2005-05-12 02:35:57

This is one of the few podcasts that is not just some depressed guy mumbling to himself or some egomaniac trying to be all hip and funny. This podcast efficiently conveys usefull news and adds insightfull comments. Thanks Jeremy!

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Comment by jeremy
2005-05-12 08:53:42

Thanks wine! If you like the Podcast, don’t forget to vote for it at PodcastAlley.


Comment by runlevel0
2005-05-16 10:15:04

Kewl! It’s the first potcasd I heard in my life (low bandwith, RDSI).

Allthough there are some periodic cuts it’s nothing specially annoying and the one can follow the speech perfectly.

The only thing I would like to see would be the total time or weigth of the MP3 file, so that the user w/o fat pipes can decide whether to download the MP3 or let reproduce it from the LQ blog.

It’s really a cool listening.

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