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The latest Podcast. Topics include a free Ubuntu Live Conference pass, free LQ merchandise, the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, Linus on the GPLv3, why multiple competing standards are a bad idea, a Patent lie, mobile software is dead (or, the flexibility of Linux) and Xandros signs up with Microsoft.



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Comment by angryfirelord
2007-06-18 14:57:00

I agree with your patent statement. If this trend keeps going the way it is, then even the code examples you see in books and online could possibly be a threat. I understand that some developers want to “protect” their ideas, but in the end, it only hampers developement.

This patent mess is also leading to the Microsoft scare scheme. I like how Microsoft tires to cover it up by calling it a “preferred linux distributor” and “helping improve interoperability”. Heh, if Microsoft can’t even have interoperability between Mobile & CE, or even XP & Vista, what makes Xandros, Novell, and Linspire think that they’ll get any real benefit out of this? (other than short-term cash)

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