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The latest Podcast. Topics include OpenID at LQ, LQ ISO, Adobe to release PDF to ISO, an offer for free Linux kernel driver development, Red Hat’s volley on Linux management offering and MySQL AB – a new product and an IPO.



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Comment by Greg Martin
2007-02-03 01:00:42

Jeremy, good show tonight. I, too, have been following the OpenID surge. I have an openid server running on my personal server. I’d love to help test when the time is right. The one issue I see for sites back-fitting openid is how do you tie my uri to my existing LQ.o userid. Have you given this though yet?

Also, I was curious as to why to said you maintain the wiki as a separate account space. You mentioned lowering the barrier to entry. Seems to me you would be most likely to draw new wiki users from your forum users and having a single ID would make sense.

Anyway, look forward to the open ID integration. Let me know if I can assist


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Comment by jeremy
2007-02-03 16:49:40

The “back-fitting” issue is certainly one of the major issues we’ll be looking into during implementation. As for the accounts, the wiki makes getting an account *extremely* quick and easy. At this point, there would almost certainly be too many name clashes with the main LQ site to switch over.


Comment by Greg
2007-02-07 23:03:54

I have some thoughts on the back-fitting or relating openID to current accounts. Look at the implementation at It allows you to specify OpenID(s) that you want to tie to your account. This could be added to the control panel for users to update.

The next thing is what display name do you use for openID users. Using their URI seems a bit clunky. Forcing them to choose a displayname is possible. Or reading a nickname from the Simple Registration Extension.

Those are my thoughts.

Oh, one thing. A feature request of sorts. I’d like to be able to change the nickname (display name) associated with my account. I’m sure it could be complicated if you store data associated with the ID and not some uid #. But if you do, that would be a neat feature.


Comment by jeremy
2007-02-08 11:08:37

Thanks again for the feedback Greg.


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