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The latest Podcast. Topics include voting has opened for the 2006 Members Choice Awards, a new LQ section – LQ Screenshots, LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit, to binary or not to binary, now Microsoft wants its laptop back and MySQL refines its GPL licensing scheme under MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 5.1.



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Comment by tomaczar
2007-01-08 01:42:57

I have to say, I think LQ Screenshots is an ill conceived idea. First, for new users, (IMHO) it’s important for them to understand that the GUI and OS are not inextricably tied together. Second, default settings are rarely going to provide users with the best user experience (let alone security). Third, to compare distribution (which will inevitably happen whether intended or not) by their default WM/DE configurations is a travesty and a slight to those that work to make all the other arguably more important aspects of a distribution available. I would have loved to see something like that when I was trying to choose a WM/DE for a new end user whose machine I was building, but associating operating system with GUI interface when (in Linux) the two are mutually exclusive is misleading at best. Again, IMHO.

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Comment by jeremy
2007-01-11 11:06:54

Thanks for the feedback. I would completely agree that comparing Linux distributions based on their default WM/DE configurations would be a terrible thing to do. The site isn’t really meant to compare, although as you mention it’s always possible people will do that. It may be in our best interest to add some addition informational text to the site to give new visitors a better idea what the site is for. I do still think the site has a ton of potential. If you have any specific suggestions on how we could improve things, please do let me know.


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