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The latest Podcast. Topics include the LQ Job Marketplace, LinuxWorld UK, the Microsoft exec exodus continues, McAfee and Symantec think Vista unfair update, Flash 9 Linux beta is live, IE7 final released, The truth about the SCOX/EV1 SCOsource deal and why has Microsoft abandoned the power user.



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Comment by Greg
2006-10-23 21:43:24

Jeremy, I tried to listen to the LQ podcast today and I thought it like reading Slashdot comments. Half the content was MS bashing. I don’t need another source for that. I need a source for quality, fair Linux news.
The Linux community will grow when it learns to stand on its own two feet instead of having to use bad MS news as its attention getter.. As an IT professional, I make use of Windows, UNIX and Linux in my organiation. I have no time for the politics and religious debate of the OS wars.

I’ll try back in 6 months. Maybe you’ll reconsider the editorial content.


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Comment by jeremy
2006-10-25 04:58:25

Thanks for the feedback Greg. We actually try *not* to bash Microsoft, but to accurately report what is going on. Additionally, we try to only cover Microsoft when it’s a story relevant to Linux. I’ll try to be more cognizant about this in the future. I agree that bashing (be it Microsoft or anyone else) gets us nowhere as a community.


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Comment by Nick Chorley
2006-10-26 13:08:19

It was nice to meet some of the LQ team at LinuxWorld :).

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Comment by Greg
2006-10-27 23:02:15

Understood, so let me point out the MS stories from the last show: MS exec exodus; Mcafee & Symantex complaining about Vista security; why has MS abandoned the power user. I didn’t see a Linnux tie-in in any of these stories. Hope you’ll undertstand my frustration and accept my apologies for expressing too strongly.


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