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The latest Podcast. Topics include the LQ Podcast intro music, the LQ Frappr Map, AMD to acquire ATI, the Ottawa Linux Symposium, a new Google Open Source service, what Linux can learn from Microsoft, Flash Player 9 for Linux and IE7 to be pushed via Windows Update.



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Comment by RHLinuxGUY
2006-07-27 20:13:24

Yes! Firefox has not been doing me good lately. As a matter of a fact, I switched to Epiphany(Galeon), which, in my opinion, is quick (very) and and easy (again, very) on the memory like IE, as well as feature’LESS’ as IE, but more secure. I have NOT been able to play flash movies with sound lately with Firefox so I switched over to Epiphany (Galeon), and everything is running smooth(er).

As for AMD and ATI. I have read that Linux drivers may get a boost with ATI, but, why? Has AMD done something in the past that would support this? I doubt it. I’m sure they got better things to do, like, support Windows users who dominate the market, but then I’m ignorant when it comes to marketing and grabing users to adopting products.

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Comment by Neil
2006-07-27 20:41:37

With regards to google’s open source code project:
They provide a service for small open source projects (who use one of their selection of seven open source licenses – including gpl, lgpl and bsd-style) simple project site hosting, a bug tracking page, svn, and project administration. They have not yet released critical features such as tarball release upload/download. The page is clean (google style) and features no ads at the moment.

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