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The latest Podcast. Topics include Puppy Linux, the LQ Wiki, the 20% of Software Sale, Novell Names Ron Hovsepian To Succeed Jack Messman as CEO, Why Oracle Isn’t a Member of the OSDL, Mundie Speaks on OSS and The Microsoft Exec Exodus.



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Comment by Tony Freeman
2006-06-25 17:58:27

Thank you for making it much easier and to access the OGG file!!

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Comment by Tony Freeman
2006-06-25 21:45:47

I wrote the note above in a hurry and under distraction. What I meant to do was to thank you for putting the link to the ogg file up there as part of the announcement. It makes it much easier for me to get to it AND it also advertises to the world that there is another file format endoursed by the FOSS world. I would hope that you, as a voice for the open source community, would place more emphasis on the OGG format and delegate MP3 as the alternative. I suspect that the fragile eyes of your visitors would not be blinded by finding a choice between OGG and mp3. And I also believe that your visitors would only find it right and just to find the OGG format displayed more promenantly as opposed to the mp3.

LQ-Podcast-062206.ogg (mp3)

Anyway … thanks for getting that OGG link up there ;-)

— Tony

Comment by jeremy
2006-06-25 21:59:57

I’ll be including the Ogg link from now on. It won’t be making it’s way into the RSS feed at this time as very few mp3 players support it (it’s unfortunate, but it’s reality). If that changes, we’ll happily change too.


Comment by Tony Freeman
2006-06-26 22:39:47

OK … so manufactures of these small portable devices design things to only play mp3s. Why? Because they look around on the internet and find that most all podcasters and internet radio stations offer their product in mp3 format. Your’s offered the ogg format for a very long time but it was virtually impossible for anyone to even notice. I’d bet that if the FOSS sites out there had thier OGG streams or podcasts displayed at the same or better level than the mp3 product, then the manufacturers of these devices would have made (or will make) a different decision about what formats they choose to support.

I for one would be very happy to subscribe to an OGG only RSS feed; and given time, the manufacturers would make it possible for other’s to enjoy the OGG only RSS feed as well. Hardware manufactuerers do not control the direction of the GNU/Linux revolution or even the type of format that they support on their players … it’s people like you who are in key positions of particular aspects of the technology who influences the direction and decisions. You have a very successful website and a popular podcast about FOSS. You above all others have more power than I guess you realize about the decisions these hardware types make. Your choices about OGG have made lasting effects. Given the interests at stake and your position as an active voice for the FOSS community, I believe that the addition of an OGG link and an OGG RSS feed is expected and long over due.

Comment by jeremy
2006-06-26 22:46:33

Thanks for the feedback Tony. We’ve added a direct and very prominent ogg link *directly* below the mp3 link and will be doing so 100% of the time moving forward. Due to both the potential confusion that multiple feeds have been proven to cause and the lack of the current software to handle multiple feeds in this way, we don’t have current short term plans to have an RSS ogg feed. We will however be more actively promoting the ogg link and will continue to vehemently support Open Standards as we always have.


Comment by yangguan
2006-06-29 15:56:31

Thanks for the OGG-Link:)


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