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The latest Podcast. Topics include, lights out on LAMP, Steve Ballmer attempts to fix spyware, Lenovo to shun Linux, Google follows through on Linux promise part II, and a Yankee Group reliability study.



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2006-06-15 15:59:41

Hi, I used to listen to the LQ Podcast when Podcasting was becoming very big, but I stopped because most of the shows was just one guy “ranting” about a subject. I’m an ON and OFF listener; so I don’t know if your format has changed any, but do you plan or have you tried having other hosts with you..

You know.. to bring more of a flare to the show rather than just one personality talking about linux stuff. Just my opinion.. please to FRAG me for it. :D

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Comment by jeremy
2006-06-16 20:43:30

I try not to “rant”, but if you have specific examples of where I do and how it could be improved, I’m all ears. As for the format – the podcast is meant to be specifically me talking. The LQ Radio Show has multiple mods on the panel and will hopefully resume at some point in the future.


Comment by RHLinuxGUY
2006-06-16 01:38:34

I agree to disagree. I listen to talk radio often, and after listening to people argue back and forth, some time into the arguement, someone, or both, starts to lose the point they were trying to make, and it gives me a headache to listen to one, or both, persons trying to get a better quip in instead of focusing on trying to reach an understanding. Just getting the news, then doing your research is often a time off from usual talk radio, which I hope this does not turn into. Does anyone agree?

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Comment by jeremy
2006-06-16 20:41:51

I really try not to rant, so I’m glad to hear you disagree. As always, I’m open to suggestions on how to improve the podcast. Thanks for the feedback.


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