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The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ Radio and LQ Wiki updates, a sneak peak at a new LQ site, an interview with Linus, the Grokster decision and a question for Google.



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Trackback by Jeremy's Blog
2005-06-30 18:43:23

Sneak Peak in the Latest LQ Podcast

I just posted the latest Podcast. In it I give the URL to the site I was talking …

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Comment by kromag
2005-07-31 04:53:45

I really love this show! Keep it coming!

Comment by mimithebrain
2005-07-01 19:49:21

I like the new beta site of LQ that you put up. :)
Happy to hear that Wiki’s problems are now fixed and that it’s up and running.

It’s nice to head LQ’s podcasts again…

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Comment by Wylie Edwards
2005-07-04 21:34:41

Not sure if my itunes is playing up or not, but it would be really useful to have ID3 tags for Artist etc completed on the mp3s, that way when imported into itunes i can actually find the latest ones to dump onto my ipod without having to search my entire library for the file name. Good job keep it up.

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Comment by jeremy
2005-07-05 08:18:26

All LQ Podcasts have id3 tags. Is anyone else having a problem seeing them?


Comment by mimithebrain
2005-07-06 19:09:06

I read Jeremy. LQ-podcast-*insert numbers here* on xmms…

It works.

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