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Skype Progress

I am happy to report that we’ve made some real Skype progress today. The echo issue turned out to be some odd ALSA settings. We seem to have much of it straightened out now. We’ll do some more testing tomorrow, but things are looking up. You can also expect another podcast tomorrow.


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Comment by frank
2005-02-16 07:21:03

Hi Jeremy & co,

I’m having echo problems with Skype too. Would you mind explaining how you fixed it?


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Comment by jeremy
2005-02-17 10:15:22

The problem is usually with the settings on the computer of the person *not* hearing the echo. Check the alsamixer on that machine and make sure that none of the “mix” capture channels are enabled.


Comment by Paul
2005-08-13 05:06:19

Thanks for the tip Jeremy. For newbies with the same problem, more detailed instructions are: type “alsamixer” in a bash shell. This will bring up a series of dials. Make sure “Mic” is captured and no other channels are captured (use the space key to toggle between captured and not-captured).


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