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SCALE 3X Audio Series

Here’s the first in a series of audio clips from SCALE 3X. I’d like to thank Harold, who recorded these and has given LQ exclusive access. The audio clips are licensed under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to pass them around.



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Comment by Dean
2005-02-15 12:34:42

Check out a few photos (you unfortunately can’t see much) here:

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Comment by John Wojnaroski
2005-02-18 14:53:49

That page is quite old and needs some serious updating.
Try these links for some pics from the show


Comment by steevo
2005-02-15 14:41:49

first time listener. cool show. my first impression was : “this guy sounds just like the guy who works in the video rental store in the movie ‘Clerks’!” hehe, just thought i’d share that w/ you.

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Comment by Harold J. Johnson
2005-02-16 01:00:53

LOL, I never received that one before, Steevo, but I’ll take it as a compliment! That guy, by the way, was just recently in my neighborhood assisting with the opening of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (a store in Los Angeles).

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Comment by Ilan Rabinovitch
2005-02-16 04:49:54

Jermey and Harold,

The SCALE team and I are working on a SCALE podcast feed with the talks and various interviews from the show. Can we use these segments as part of our podcast?


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Comment by jeremy
2005-02-16 09:51:05

Ilan, definitely. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Comment by Harold J. Johnson
2005-02-16 12:37:02

Of course, Ilan. How did the recordings you made at SCALE 3X turn out?

Comment by Ilan Rabinovitch
2005-02-20 05:49:28


The talks I’ve heard so far sound great. I’m told a few of them have issues with levels or close mic’ing but nothing too terrible. All thats left is putting some intros on and slapping together a feed / web page.


Comment by Harold J. Johnson
2005-02-22 15:21:38

Yes, I was worried about the mic’ing. I had to run the audio through a compressor to even out the levels; next time I’ll be placing the mic a bit farther from my own mouth.

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