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The latest Podcast. Topics include LWE UK, OSBC, OpenDocument formats, the Oracle Innobase acquisition, the CheckPoint Sourcefire acquisition, Nessus closing source and the value Dell puts on Microsoft Windows.



Podcast, OSBC, OASIS, Oracle, Innobase, CheckPoint, Sourcefire, Nessus, Dell, GPL, Microsoft, Windows, Open Source

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Comment by Pascal
2005-10-13 07:25:56

Woot. I checked every day since the first for a new update, because I am quite fond of these podcasts you’ve got running Jeremy, so I’ll begin with that and say thanks. :-)

I found your analysis of the the ODT acceptance into the Massachusetts government good, staying quite neutral as always. I personally think it is completely unfair for any government to use a proprietary format to store critical documents in. By doing so, anyone who wishes to view, modify or access them in any way really needs to have a copy of MS Word. Just like I find it inadequate that teachers are not permitted to have a political bias in schools, and yet we all use MS software for IT lessons, and thus I am expected to have purchased a copy of MS Windows and additional software packages such as MS Word and so on. Good move Massachusetts. :-)

Pascal Klein

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