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The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ ISO hits 2,000,000 downloads, LQ adds Linux and Open Source Job Marketplace, Open XML Translator project announced, eBay Bans Sellers from Using Google Checkout, Will Oracle Offer Red Hat Support, eWEEK Labs Bakeoff: Open Source Versus .Net Stacks and Microsoft hit with 280m euro fine



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Comment by Jza
2006-07-14 12:36:32

The community and ODF group has come to the idea that microsoft adoption is actually a good thing. The adoption of odf will help the migration argument. Having office and running on odf makes the compatibility from 90% to 100% making the free software proposal a heavier one.

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Comment by jeremy
2006-07-16 16:55:29

In the long term this is certainly true, at least theoretically. From my point of view, anything that can serve to reduce vendor lockin is a goos thing.


Comment by Jza
2006-07-15 00:00:58

I suggest you to listen to eweeks podcast on the .NET vs LAMP stack. I guess they never intend to have a definite study but a window opening on the dialog and at least shed some experiences.

The topic agree by everyone was very ambitious and missleading in consequence. The .NET stack is something that is meant to work better with each other, which is the same situation is most of the other software stacks enviroments. However FLOSS also has the same advantages such as community supported, applications and framework choices and different ways to manage the stack.

As far as performance goes, the Linux part seemed to be the weakest link on the studies when they saw better performance on a WAMP stack. This is interesting since I think the WAMP installations usually come with the php accelerator pre-packaged.

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