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The latest Podcast. Topics include the 2005 Members Choice Awards, LWE Boston, my Ronald Lewis interview, IBM Germany leaving Windows Vista, the Dell Linux desktop strategy, and Novell returns to the SUSE name.



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Comment by mariuz
2006-03-17 17:34:54

hmmm mp3 format ….
doesn’t work by default on my brand new dapper drake :(

could you add an ogg file for podcasting

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Comment by D
2006-07-11 14:29:05

Test reply

Comment by mariuz
2006-03-17 17:47:26

added the multiverse repository and installed the upgy mp3 plugin
sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly

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Comment by yangguan
2006-03-21 13:19:29

Dear Jeremy!

I am a big fan of you podcast and in my opinion you could provide much more of them:)

The only thing I dont understand is, WHY you provide the podcast in mp3???
In some countries the people have to break the law to be able listening a mp3 file…

In my FC5:) I have to use Audacity to convert mp3 to ogg and I share it then in the ed2k-net!
So please support OGG Vorbis as standard for your Podcast!
Every Linux User is able and in title to play ogg, so please support OGG Vorbis as standard for your Podcast!

Did you already check out Fedora Core 5?


Comment by jeremy
2006-03-21 13:47:18

All Podcasts are available in both MP3 and OGG formats. Just substitute .ogg for .mp3 and you’re all set.


2006-03-23 08:54:23

I second the opinions above: Why do you provide mp3’s, not ogg’s?

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Comment by jeremy
2006-03-23 12:24:00

As mentioned above, every show we do is available in both OGG and MP3 formats.


Comment by rehcla
2006-03-24 01:13:20

Dont get me wrong but:
But the question is, why you do not provide the podcast as OGG?
Instead you use a software-patent threatened file format!
On principle we use OGG with Linux whenever possible!


Comment by jeremy
2006-03-24 14:51:10

The number of mp3 players that support OGG at this point is extremely small. While I agree that the situation is unfortunate, that’s the reality. The RSS feed therefore contains a link to the mp3 – doing otherwise would only limit the number of potential listeners. We provide the ogg vorbis file because that’s the direction we think is the correct one.


Comment by rehcla
2006-03-24 16:01:23

Dear Jeremy!

Thanks for your answer!Yes the number of mp3-players is extremly small, but Winamp supports OGG!
The problem is, if you mention OGG in front of Windows-Follower they will ask: Whats that???
So if you provide your podcast in OGG as standard and the mp3 as alternative, you would induce more people to inform themselfe about OGG and in case some people will switch…
I am SURE the major group of your listeners are Linux-People so you should fit their needs!
All I am asking is:
Provide the podcast in OGG as Standard and explain the Windows-Windows-Follower “to substitute .mp3 for .ogg”
Or even better, provide both with a link like (if thats not to big troubles):



Then you would see what the people prefer!
In that case I would never download the .mp3 version!

This page name is and not with a
little Linux-Forum…

Thx for listening!
Any other people who agree or disagree???


Comment by Steve
2006-04-24 05:52:45

Of course, providing both formats will double the work for the webmaster but I do think providing the OGG format would be worth it. It it is up to webmasters who run web sites like this to push new formats.

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