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The latest Podcast. Topics include SCALE 4X, podcatchers, the Oracle Open Source shopping spree, the SleepyCat acquisition, the attempted MySQL AB acquisition, general MySQL musings and the emergence of Google apps on Linux (both natively and via a CodeWeavers middleware layer).



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Comment by JZA
2006-03-01 21:31:37

I think you have a point when talking about commercial ownership of the direction of open source. I live this everyday at where the leadership of the project is tightly in bed with StarOffice and the Sun Developers which do what marketing/sales tell them.

However, the goods is that well we have seen that with the Java, Flash, SIG community and other commercial communities will launch a new phase of development where new wave generation of open source tools, meaning new databases (postgresql, KOffice, WebOffice etc).

Gentoo has survived even thought the leader got hired by M$, same thing in ironpython and other developments. Technologies evolve and this might just be another sign for a new generation of fresh new tools.

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Comment by brian l
2006-03-18 22:03:29

Re Dell and Linux
I have just been looking at the dells, The bottom end machines are fine value at the moment, I noted the that under the technical section it was quick to point out that the intergrated graphics “Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows* XP, Windows 2000, Linux-compatible (Xfree86 source available)”

Which obvously support the aguement in the podcast that that Dell are keeping an eye on Linux

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