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The latest Podcast. Topics include the 2005 Members Choice Awards, SCALE 4X, LQ Radio stats, more LQ Social Networking support, Foundation rumors, the media and Linus vs. the GPLv3.



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Comment by reuben
2006-02-11 12:59:59

Regarding your RFC on podcatchers. At first I need a notification, that the podcast is available. Using _another_ program, else from already running ones, would be an overkill. I liked the way Liferea provided options of downloading Files, because I also view Video-Podcasts. Now using Akregator (1.1.3) I rely on your links in the Article, because it doesn’t support podcasts at all. I tried Juice once and found it quite stupid. The integration in Amarok (1.3.7) isn’t very helpful, either.

Heavily interested in your script!

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Comment by Nylex
2006-02-12 13:17:18

I don’t use a podcatcher, because, well, I don’t mind going to the site and downloading the file manually.

I don’t understand most of the stuff in the podcasts either, the only thing I really understood from this one was the social networking and podcatcher stuff :/.

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Comment by Neil
2006-02-12 18:26:27

I don’t use a podcatcher but i do use a rss reader to get these downloads. What I use is google reader so I can find out about a new podcast regardless of where I am. All i need to do is click the play button and stream the audio, or download it via the link.

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Comment by Josiah Ritchie
2006-02-16 17:42:15

Wanted to say, I’ve used BashPodder in the past, but am now using a ruby program called podcatcher. Podcatcher allows me to hand it my OPML file from PodNova. With this setup, I run something like this command to update. I have it running in a cron job.

podcatcher -s0 -S new -p >> `date ‘+%b%d’`.m3u

I then have banshee scan the directory this drops the files into so I can play them as needed. If I had an iPod, I could use banshee to drop the podcasts onto it.

There is a guy who will have a podcatching plugin for Banshee that I’m really looking forward to. He’s also been talking about adding OPML support so I could pretty much move everything over in a flash. :-)

I hear that Amarok also handles podcasts though I’m trying to stick to Gnome apps. I’ve been very disappointed with juicereceiver.

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Comment by Russh
2007-03-22 10:46:25

Any news on the OPML support in banshee?

Comment by Elijah Lofgren
2006-02-19 01:55:19

I don’t use a podcatcher or RSS reader because I found I was wasting too much time by subscribing to a bunch of feeds and continually reading the new stuff.

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Comment by jeremy
2006-02-19 18:34:47

Thanks for the feedback everyone – much appreciated.


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Comment by JZA
2006-03-01 07:14:27

About and the new organization is about OpenDocuments. OpenDocuments raise as a foundation which permits a faster leadership model than OOo.

OpenDocument is an information innovation as opposed as a package utility body. Sun misteries such as they never risk IP when they release OOo since StarOffice is from StarDivision.

IBM is definetly on the boat with OpenDocuments since they can see a standard on documents for all the apps and connectivity.

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